Frequently Asked Questions

Our national love for virtual aviation is increasing every day. GokTurk Virtual Airlines is founded by the name change we have done in 2017. With our own flight registriation software and the high technology website we own , we are able to make the flights close to reality as possible. With the recent increase in humanity's interest in aviation , virtual aviation hobby have shown development. GokTurk Virtual Airlines uses simulation softwares such as Prepar3D and Xplane to make their flights happen.

We support FSX, FSXse, Xplane, P3dv3, P3dv4 and P3dv5

A Virtual Airline (VA) is an airline that exists solely in cyberspace, and therefore doesn't sell real airline tickets. Instead it gives purpose and added realism to activities held in a flight simulator. Pilots who fly for a VA do so between certain set airports, with one of the airplanes that are part of the VA's fleet, and at certain scheduled times – just like in a real world airline. A VA is also a meeting place of virtual aviation enthusiasts, and provides flight training to its pilots.

1. Freedom in Plane Selection ; Many Vitrual Airlines need requirements such as to reach a certain rank to select planes. In GokTurk Virtual Airlines every member can use any plane that is in the fleet.
2. Freedom of Platform ; Flying is the biggest freedom and we provide our every member pilot the freedom to use any platform they please (Vatsim & IVAO)
3. Friendship and Helping Hands ; We provide the new members who have sign-up , help and support anytime they need and give out trainings if need be.
4. Online Group Flights ; We organize variety of flight events. With online flights we are aiming to create a more realistic and a more enjoyable environment.
5. Realistic Flights and High Techonology ; With our high level data recorders we perform high level flights that correspond to basic rules used in reality.
6. Addon Sharing ; We share the most recent addons created for simulations we use in our discord.

1. Need to be over 15 years old.
2. To have any sort of simulation software.
3. To know basic level of flight knowledge.
4. The ability to do their monthly flight missions.
5. The ability to complete at least 1 flight in 30 days.
6. To have ethernet connection.
7. Not to have membership on any other Virtual Airlines (at least 1) without our knowledge.
8. Not to have been kicked by any other Virtual Airlines due to inappropriate behaviour.

1. Live on and ingratiate Virtual Aviation.
2. Unite virtual aviators.
3. Become a Virtual Airlines based on Tolerance
4. Help people gain duty awareness.
5. Being able to help our members in need.
6. Perform realistic flights

1. Our members must abide by Turkish Republic laws. Individuals who are among GokTurk VA cannot disrespect , insult and share any dangerous links.
2. By Basic Rights of Humanity , members are not allowed to use words and phareses targeting and insulting any other member , failure to comply will result in account termination.
3. Every month 1 flight is to be made along with this the mission flights given monthly must be done unless given a valid reason not to.
4. In accordance to realistic values you cannot fly in any other virtual airlines than GokTurk VA. However members can consult the staff to get rights to posses only more 1 VA. Upon detection of any membership regarding to this , you will be punished.
5. Applicants who have applied for membership in order to test their abilities 1 flight must be made in 1 week.
6. During online flights our members need to comply with general rules of aviation. There is a recorder requirement for every flight.
7. Members and Staff cannot stray from their duties.
8. In plane selection "planes that are in our fleet" must be used.
9. It is required to sign-up in our communication channel , for this you need download and install Discord.
10. Member who have been kicked out cannot join back unless recieving approval votes by every control mechanism member.
11. You need to comply with Whatsapp group rules. Members who are listed as inactive will be removed from the group chat.
12. Entrance Exam must be done in 45 days , when failed they will be granted additional exam entrance rights.
13. Inability to complete mission task will result in demotion and termination of membership. 2 months consisting of no flights without a valid reason will result in your termination.

1. In every 30 day , mission tasks will be given. When missions tasks are given it will be announced in News , Mission & Events page.
2. Slots open when the missions are given and close on deadlines.
3. Mission flights must be written using Data Recorder (Ex: 2020 April Flight Mission)
4. Flights that have been rejected or didn't get approved must be redone.
5. Mission Tasks must be done if not given a valid excuse. Failure to do so will cause demotion and termination.
6. When the mission is completed it must be marked through Mission & Events page in "Detail Signups".

1. A Data Recorder is a software that transfers data among the simulator and the website and record flights.
2. In order to Data Recorder to work Fsuip must be installed. The name depends on simulator version. You can download this additonal program from "Downloads" page.
3. If you are unable to sign-in via password and id to your Data Recorder you might not be running it as administrator , Data Recorder must run as administrator.
4. You must record your every flight using the Data Recorder.
5. You can access the Data Recorder Guide from here.
6. Through the program you can do task like fuel planning , route planning , wind METAR data collecting.

1. You can access Tour Routes , from the "Tour Routes" page.
2. In the Tour Route software every member have right to get their brevet at the end of each tour.
3. In Tour Route each leg must done respectively.
4. In Comments section that is in the Data Recorder you must write the current tour name and leg number.
5. Rejected flight must be redone.
6. Each tour program has its own unique brevet.
7. Upon finishing the current leg in the last leg , you must write "........ Tour Last Leg" and announce its completion through Airmail.