Göktürk Airlines Innovative Realistic Helpful Virtual Airline

We would be happy to see you as a pilot in our Virtual Airline. We have an advanced PIREP and flight tracking system which allows our pilots to track other pilots. we are constantly in development. We use the latest technologies, and keep our virtual airline updated.

Our Mission

To be a realistic virtual airlines with our modern website and flight rules.

Our Vision

Increasing the interest in virtual aviation and the number of flights.

Why Us

Because we have features that make us who we are,Friendship and Helpfulness, Online Flights, Realistic Flights, Platform Freedom

Modern Crew Center

Full responsive Crew Center like it should be. You can use it on any device you want. Custom build for our needs.

Community Forums

We have a forum where you can ask a question, or find a solution!

Online Flights

We make this more realistic and enjoyable by creating events.

Reward System

We can enrich your profile with exclusive rewards and achievements.

Points System

You are entitled to take the exams with the score you get for each flight you make.

Tour Routes

You can get special profile rewards by completing tour routes.

About Our Airline

Göktürk Virtual Airlines is a virtual airline company established in 2017. Our goal is to grow and maintain virtual aviation.

With our own flight recording software and high-tech site, we can perform our flights in the most realistic way possible. With the increasing interest of people in aviation recently, virtual aviation hobby has also developed. Göktürk Virtual Airlines performs its flights with simulation software such as “Flight Simulator X, Prepar3D and Xplane”.